Glow 75 Fire Pit

Glow 75 Fire PitGlow 75 Fire Pit

The Glow 75 Fire Pit brings warmth, style and function to your garden. A contemporary design, it featurea a wide bowl making it a stable design. Features include calw and ball feet which help to steady the firepit on uneven surfaces. The built in carry handle enables easy transport around the garden (although don’t try to move it when it’s hot) and there is a spark guard for protection.

This is a durable fire pit which should give many years of service.

Measurements: weight: 11kg, height: 59m, diameter: 75cm, cooking surface area: 61cm (all measurements are approximate)

Includes: Spark guard, poker and grill

Temperature: Up to 600°

Construction: Steel, chrome, high temperature paint

Warranty: 2 years

Do not use on any flammable surface, including decking

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2 Responses to “Glow 75 Fire Pit”

  • Karen Ho Fatt says:

    Awesome,modern and clean fire pit design. Claw and ball feet I have not seen this on other designs is unique and clever. 3 legs(as opposed to 4) should make it very stable. Reminds me of a U.F.O!

    Karen Ho Fatt

  • Paul Cordrey says:

    We are interesting but where can we buy the cover for Glow 75 Fire pit?


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