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Heatmaster Parasol Heater and Lights – 4 Lamps

Heatmaster Parasol Heater and LIghts - 4 Lamps

Heatmaster Parasol Heater and Lights – 4 Lamps

This Heatmaster Parasol Heater and Light has 4 halogen heaters to provide instant warmth and atmosphere. It is convenient, odourless and affordable. and warms up straight away.

It is an efficient way of heating and costs less than 14 pe hour to run (based on electricity costs of 7p per kw hour). You can direct the heat to where you want it, and it is maintenance free. The heat area is 2.5m

The parasol heater is in metallic silver and is housed in a flood light casing.

The heater is supplied with a 5m flex and will adjust to fit pole sizes from 25 – 55mm. The maximum heat output is 2kw.

patio heater 2.5m areaSpecification
4 x 500w halogen heaters

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Heatmaster Wall Patio Heater 1.3kW

Heatmaster Wall Patio HeaterHeatmaster Wall Patio Heater

The Heatmaster Wall Patio Heater is a high performing 1300W appliance which is suited to domestic or commercial applications. It comes complete with a fully adjustable mounting bracket.

This heater is powerful enough to heat an area of 9m squared. It comes with a 13 amp plug and a 5m lead. It is rated IP23 for permanent outdoor use.

Made from cast aluminium, it has a parabolic formed spectral quality reflector and wire safety guard

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