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Pagoda Style Outdoor Fireplace

Pagoda Style Fire PlacePagoda Style Outdoor Fire Pit

This quality Pagoda Style Fire Pit / Outdoor Fireplace is manufactured from heavy-duty stainless steel. It is also coated with a heat resistant paint and is a great way to warm a cooler evening and add style and ambience to your gathering.

Alternatively, you  can use this fire pit to burn garden waste.

Measurements: 70cm x 53cm x 105cm high; weight 17kg (all measurements are approximate)

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Patio Heater: Mosaic Firehouse Outdoor Fireplace

Mosaic Firehouse Outdoor Fireplace

Mosaic Firehouse Outdoor Fireplace

This fireplace for use outdoors features a mosaic tiled front shelf. The body of the house is made from steel and includes a safety screen to keep pets and children out. The Mosaic Firehouse Outdoor fireplaces makes sitting outside on cooler summer, spring and autumnal evenings a pleasure, helping you to get the most from your garden.

Weight (boxed): 32 Kg

Patio Heater – Square Outdoor Fireplace

Patio Heater - Square Outdoor Fireplace

Square Outdoor Fireplace

This square outdoor fireplace burns wood and is a lovely way to enjoy warmth outdoors. Perfect for when hot sunny dats turn into cooler evenings. This outdoor fireplace is attractive and it will burn wood, pressed wood logs or charcoal.

Constructed from coated steel, it features a large hinged door with a protective mesh covering.

Measurements: 74cm (L)x74cm (W)x78cm (H)

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