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Square Fire Pit

square fire pit 1square fire pitSquare Fire Pit

This Square Fire Pit is made from solid steel and is a contemporary design. You could fill it with logs to create a glorious fire, then use it as a barbecue when the fire has cooled to glowing embers. Watching the flames leap out of the top of the square is truly a living artwork. However, if you just want to use it as a barbecue, just replace the logs with charcoal.

This firepit is equipped with two grills. The body is made from steel and it sits on stainless steel legs, so it can be used on decking or a patio area. The included square lid with handles hich can also be used as a safety guard.

Measurements:  length: 66cm, width: 66cm, height: 55cm. All measurements are approximate.

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Square Fire Pit with Grill

Square Fire Pit with GrillSquare Fire Pit with Grill

This great value fire pit is made from steel and comes complete with a grill for cooking al fresco. Use barbecue coals first if you want to cook – then later if you just want warmth, refill with logs to enjoy warmth and atmosphere all night long.

Measurements: 37cm square x 25cm high;  (all measurements are approximate)

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Hotspot Square Brazier

Hotspot Square BrazierHotspot Square Brazier

The Hotspot Square Brazier is made from a steel and stainless steel for durability and good looks,  and comes complete with a chrome double grill, spark guard and stainless steel legs.

The Hotspot Square Brazier brings warmth and beauty to your patio, creating atmosphere and a focal point for your outdoor gatherings.

Measurements: Height 55cm, width 66cm, depth 66 cm (all measurements are approximate)

Was £117.99, now £99.99

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Patio Heater – Square Outdoor Fireplace

Patio Heater - Square Outdoor Fireplace

Square Outdoor Fireplace

This square outdoor fireplace burns wood and is a lovely way to enjoy warmth outdoors. Perfect for when hot sunny dats turn into cooler evenings. This outdoor fireplace is attractive and it will burn wood, pressed wood logs or charcoal.

Constructed from coated steel, it features a large hinged door with a protective mesh covering.

Measurements: 74cm (L)x74cm (W)x78cm (H)

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