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Steel Gas Patio Heater 13kW

Steel Gas Patio Heater 13kW

Steel Gas Patio Heater 13kW

Steel Gas Patio Heater 13Kw

This Full Height Steel Gas Patio Heater has a top power of 13kW but is adjustable from 5kW and so can keep your guests warm and comfortable from an August evening to an October evening.

The patio heater is made of steel and features both piezo ignition and a safety tilt switch with automatic shut off.

The heater can be powered by propane or butane. It is designed for a gas pressure of 37 mbar .

Ideal for use during al fresco dinner parties and BBQs, this patio heater will keep everyone warm as the evening extends into the night.

Measurements: height: 2.2m.

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Large Steel Chiminea

Large Steel Chiminea

Large Steel Chiminea

Large Steel Chiminea

This Large Steel Chiminea is a great way for staying warm in your garden when the sun goes down, and you can also cook barbecues on it making evening barbecue parties an easy option and great alternative to going out.

The chiminea requires assembly, which is fast and easy, and it has a spark guard at the front to provide protection from any stray ashes. There is also an ash collection drawer to the base, for easy maintenance.

This barbecue has a large bulb which is perfect for burning coal logs, so you can enjoy the glow and the warmth of a real fire.

This chiminea works well in any size of garden and it comes complete with a chrome cooking grill so you can also use it as a barbecue. At £89.99, it’s really good value and you can pay £29.67 a month for three months, interest free!

Measurements: 49cm deep x 51cm wide x 128cm high

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Night Sky Log Burner

Night Sky Log Burner

Night Sky Log Burner

Night Sky Log Burner

The Night Sky Log Burner is a square log burner which has a night sky decoration – basically, there are star shaped punch holes in the base which look like a night sky when the fire is lit and glows through. It is really rather attractive.

The log burner is constructed from sturdy and durable steel, finished in high temperature resistant paint. A mesh cover over the top acts as a spark guard.

This log burner is delivered flat packed but is easy to assembel.

Measurements:  Height: 73.7cm, width 73.7cm, depth 58. cm.

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Autumn Outdoor Steel Fireplace

Autumn Outdoor Steel FireplaceAutumn Steel Fireplace

The autumn steel outdoor fireplace is an asset to the garden as it produces heat from all sides. It features two 2 easy access doors, a porcelian enamel bowl and lid, together with a chromed cooking grill and basket.

In addition, the fireplace is equipped with a wooden handle and castors for ease of movement. This is truly a unique fireplace for the garden. It’s reduced in the sale, and the price includes a FREE Weather cover worth £9.99.


  • Porcelian enamel bowl and lid
  • 400°C resistant painted fire screen
  •  Two opening side mesh doors
  •  one piece chromed cooking grill
  • one piece chromed basket
  • one piece eletrophoresis coated charcoal grill
  • powder coated leg


Height: 115cm
Width: 79cm
Length: 83cm
Bowl diameter: 71cm

All measurements are approximate.

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Stainless Steel Firebowl

Stainless Steel Firebowl Stainless Steel Firebowl

This round firebowl is durable for long lasting  style, making it an easy way to warm  your garden on those cooler evenings. It’s black steel with stainless steel legs and a stainless cover.

Measurements:  diameter: 75cm;  height: 62cm. All measurements are approximate.

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Square Fire Pit

square fire pit 1square fire pitSquare Fire Pit

This Square Fire Pit is made from solid steel and is a contemporary design. You could fill it with logs to create a glorious fire, then use it as a barbecue when the fire has cooled to glowing embers. Watching the flames leap out of the top of the square is truly a living artwork. However, if you just want to use it as a barbecue, just replace the logs with charcoal.

This firepit is equipped with two grills. The body is made from steel and it sits on stainless steel legs, so it can be used on decking or a patio area. The included square lid with handles hich can also be used as a safety guard.

Measurements:  length: 66cm, width: 66cm, height: 55cm. All measurements are approximate.

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Glow 75 Fire Pit

Glow 75 Fire PitGlow 75 Fire Pit

The Glow 75 Fire Pit brings warmth, style and function to your garden. A contemporary design, it featurea a wide bowl making it a stable design. Features include calw and ball feet which help to steady the firepit on uneven surfaces. The built in carry handle enables easy transport around the garden (although don’t try to move it when it’s hot) and there is a spark guard for protection.

This is a durable fire pit which should give many years of service.

Measurements: weight: 11kg, height: 59m, diameter: 75cm, cooking surface area: 61cm (all measurements are approximate)

Includes: Spark guard, poker and grill

Temperature: Up to 600°

Construction: Steel, chrome, high temperature paint

Warranty: 2 years

Do not use on any flammable surface, including decking

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Large Steel Chiminea

large steel chimineaLarge Steel Chiminea

This chiminea is made from carbon steel and is an excellent way of keeping warm outside. It will contain a  roaring fire that will stave off any spring or autumnal chills.

This chiminea has hoop handles, making it easier to move around the garden. Designed to be kept outdoors all year, it will rust but if you want to you can scrape off the rust with a wire brush and treat the chiminea to a coat of heat resistant paint.

Measurements: 44.5cm diameter x 142cm high; weight 14kg (all measurements are approximate)

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Hotspot Urban Fire Pit 550

Hotspot Urban Fire Pit 650Hotspot Urban Fire Pit 550

The Hotspot Urban Fire Pit 550 has a firebowl made from spun steel, with an stainless steel safety ring around the edge. It also has a chromed hinged cooking grill if you’re in the mood for a sausage or a burger.

Urban fire pits are becoming increasingly popular in the garden. Wood burning, they offer warmth, light and a focal point for you and your family or impromptu social gatherings outside.

Constructed from steel, you can expect years of service from this fire pit.

Measurements: Height 40cm, width 55cm, depth 21cm (all measurements are approximate)

Was £81.99, now £69.99

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Grill Tech Terrace Brazier

Grill Tech Terrace BrazierGrill Tech Terrace Brazier Fire Pit

The Grill Tech Terrace Brazier is a very attactive and contemporary fire pit. It is constructed from top quality spun steel, for durability and lasting good looks, and the legs are made from stainless steel.

This fire pit comes complete with a sliding/folding safety lid. The handles can be folder away and it has clawed feet, which enables this fire pit to be used on an uneven surface.  The bowl itself is of a good size with room for lots of logs, and it even comes with a grill if you fancy a few sausages.

A lovely feature for your garden or terrace, this fire pit will provide warmth, light and a great atmosphere for your outdoor gatherings.

Measurements: Height 44cm, width 77cm, depth 77cm (all measurements are approximate)

Was £119.99, now £89.99

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