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Wall Mounted Patio Heater

Wall Mounted Patio HeaterWall Mounted Patio Heater

This wall mounted patio heater is a powerful electric patio heater that will keep you nice and warm. It has two 1300 watt bulbs giving a total power of 2.6 kW. The body of the heater is made from aluminium and the quartz tube is coated in gold. Easy installation. It has a metal grill on the front – there is no glass – and the quartz lamp and parabolic reflector provide heat to a large areas than with the standard reflectors.


Max heat output: 2x1300W
Size: 48cm x 38cm x 16cm
Weight: 6.3 kg

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Click here for the  cheaper  and smaller, 1.3 kW version

Heatmaster Wall Patio Heater 1.3kW

Heatmaster Wall Patio HeaterHeatmaster Wall Patio Heater

The Heatmaster Wall Patio Heater is a high performing 1300W appliance which is suited to domestic or commercial applications. It comes complete with a fully adjustable mounting bracket.

This heater is powerful enough to heat an area of 9m squared. It comes with a 13 amp plug and a 5m lead. It is rated IP23 for permanent outdoor use.

Made from cast aluminium, it has a parabolic formed spectral quality reflector and wire safety guard

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